Santiago de Compostela

Discover one of the most fantastic itineraries, through the South of France and Spain, the ancestral pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela. You will appreciate the historical and cultural richness, the local ways of life and gastronomy at each stage, until you reach the end of the path, where various paths from all over Europe converge and which thousands of pilgrims take every year.

One of the objectives of this pilgrimage is to reach the tomb of the Apostle St James the Great located in the crypt of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. But the pilgrimage is much more than a simple journey, it is truly a spiritual stay where each walker surpasses himself and transcends himself to reach a form of inner peace.

Santiago de Compostela is one of the three great places of pilgrimage of Christianity. It is a path that many Christians have travelled since the 9th century, stopping in many places of worship. Through this pilgrimage discover mythical paths with hilly and typical landscapes. It is an experience that challenges and transforms the pilgrim who embarks on this great human, spiritual and fantastic epic.

During this great spiritual epic, enjoy every moment and live the present moment. There are many reasons for a pilgrim to set off on an adventure and set off into the unknown. Before arriving at the crypt of Saint James the Great, there is a long way to go where you have to surpass yourself and get to know yourself.

The path leading to Santiago de Compostela is characterized by a great form of freedom and spirituality. An unforgettable and memorable crossing for all pilgrims, it is an adventure that overwhelms and transforms anyone who undertakes it.

During this magnificent pilgrimage, it is especially during the way that you will meet again and discover the magic of this pilgrimage. Go on an adventure and discover one of the most famous and exotic pilgrimages too !

The path makes the journey !

It’s the path that makes the journey and not the destination. Indeed, pilgrims think they are going to go the way but it’s the way that will go and that will contribute to them. The path will truly constitute the journey that will lead to this spiritual quest so sought after and so difficult to reach. Through a journey full of encounters, surprises and unique moments, rediscover a taste for the pleasures of life and take advantage of this journey to find yourself spiritually and humanly.

On a hiking tour, meet many pilgrims from all over the world with different ambitions and desires. Lovers of art, nature or religion, it’s a path strewn with unique and memorable encounters! In personal quest or in search of God, you too find your goal and travel this mythical path in the calm and beauty of the landscapes.

Nowadays, this pilgrimage is not only religious. To know where you’re going, you need to know where you’re from. The path offers you the unique opportunity to learn more about yourself. The purpose of a pilgrimage is also to get together and enjoy these exceptional moments. You need to step back during the pilgrimage and further develop your spirituality by taking the time to understand who you are. During the crossing, each person advances at his own pace. Santiago de Compostela also means surpassing yourself and getting to know your body and its limits. It is a solitary way but also a way of solidarity, it is a real time of meeting.

Religious or not, the pilgrimage is above all an encounter with oneself. Indeed, everyone comes looking for something, a quest, a precise goal, it is a very introspective process. Go on an adventure to find answers on the spot. It is a path to Santiago but it is above all a path for oneself. So it’s about getting together and taking time for yourself.

Take advantage of this journey to contemplate sumptuous landscapes. A true ancestral pilgrimage, live an original experience and follow your own path. Discover the most beautiful cities of France and Spain as well as places full of history and spirituality during the expedition. By way of many places of worship like Lourdes but also by dazzling cities by their sumptuousness and their beauty.

Find inner freedom and peace and embark on the great adventure of Santiago de Compostela by going beyond your limits. Much more than a hike, cut yourself off from the world and come back transformed with answers to your questions.

Between a challenge and a spiritual quest, the path to Santiago de Compostela is a real challenge for all pilgrims. Real personal challenge, empty yourself and follow your quest for interiority and spirituality.

If you too wish to rediscover yourself and take the time to continue your inner and spiritual quest. Leave on the way of Saint-Jacques, between sumptuous landscapes and moments of personal reflection jump the step and enjoy this great and beautiful adventure.

© Photo credits : Babsy / Thunderbird-72

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