On the Road of the Cathedrals of the South

With French Historical Paths, discover the most beautiful cathedrals of the south. Through the high places of religion, follow your path and let yourself be subjugated by the magic of the places. Witnessing a long story, the Cathedrals of the South will surprise you as much by their beauty as by their sumptuousness. For a moment, forget everyday life and succumb to sweet moments of chimera.

Start the road of the Southern Cathedrals by taking a walk through the streets of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Enter into the Saint John the Baptist’s Church and be amazed. Classified as a historical monument, it is in this church that the marriage of King Louis XIV of France with Maria Theresa of Spain was celebrated. Renowned for its gilded wooden altarpiece dating from the 18th century, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church will surprise you with its richness and splendour.

After having discovered the Church of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, go on an adventure and discover the Church of Saint-Vincent in Hendaye. Continue your journey in the Basque Country and get excited by these very typical churches of the region. With its white walls and red roof, the church of Hendaye is a hidden treasure in the alleys of the old town. Despite its massive appearance, its proportions give it a fine and elegant look. Original and unique, this church will leave no one insensitive!

An indispensable stage in this religious and spiritual epic, discover the city of Lourdes, 3rd place of pilgrimage characterized by its rising streets and bluish roofs. High place of religion, let yourself be carried away by the magic of this city. With its sanctuary Our Lady of Lourdes, discover with emotion the three basilicas of Lourdes. Including the cave, the places of apparition, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the Basilica of the Rosary, the Basilica of Saint Pius X, the surroundings of the Gave or the Church of Saint Bernadette, the richness of this sanctuary will transcend you and elevate you spiritually.

Continue your religious escapade by going to the Auch cathedral. Dominating the city by its dimensions, it took more than two centuries to complete its construction. It’s a majestic building that directly attracts the eye. A true artistic monument, it will satisfy all visitors eager to discover. Very vast and very rich, the Cathedral will impress you with its large dimensions. Enter inside and discover the splendour of this Cathedral. Just learn to appreciate pure beauty and be amazed at how rich it is, it’s a visual spectacle!

The cathedrals of the south have many surprises in store for you. With many different architectures, styles and periods, let yourself be carried away by these extraordinary and fantastic places.

Spread through you the atmosphere of these beautiful and impressive cathedrals. More than a journey, it is a historical discovery, the Southern Cathedrals allow you to follow your path and find your inner peace. Calm and serene, this spiritual journey will take you to the ends of your mind.

Draw from the symbols, ornaments and sumptuousness of the place to transcend yourself and reach fullness. A pilgrim for a few days, enjoy places steeped in history and spirituality. Discovering majestic buildings also means rediscovering oneself and learning to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Enter God’s house and forget the everyday. Alone or accompanied, take advantage of the splendour of these cathedrals to accompany you towards your spiritual quest.

Awaken your conscience and elevate yourself spiritually through these places of devotion full of magic, sumptuousness and passion.

© Photo credits : Vassil / Roland Darré

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