Time travel in Dordogne

The Dordogne region, a true open history book, offers you the opportunity to live moments full of history and tales. Located at the crossroads of the South-West and close to Bordeaux, discover the Dordogne and make an initiatory journey through time and ages.

The Dordogne enjoys an exceptional heritage and an impressive variety of landscapes. With French Historical Paths, discover the magical treasures of these territories marked by the traces of the past.

An exceptional heritage…

Visiting the Dordogne is travelling back in time and conquering our past and our ancestors.

With unique places like the Vezère Valley or the Lascaux Cave, dive into the heart of prehistory. Captivating epic, discover sites retracing prehistory with deposits, caves or chasms. A true journey back in time, enjoy architectural masterpieces. For a greater immersion, discover the National Museum of Prehistory and learn about this fascinating period.

Then capture the beauty of the jewels of the Dordogne with the many medieval villages. In this fantastic and medieval setting, give yourself a break and let yourself be rocked by the magic of these villages. Périgueux, Sarlat, Bergerac…go back in time while flying through the different medieval villages.

Along the Dordogne, discover very important castles built in the Middle Ages on remains sometimes even dating from the Neolithic period. Land of history, the Dordogne has some nice surprises in store for you. Go on an adventure and observe many castles like Beynac or Castelnaud. Authentic castles erected on vertiginous cliffs, a unique and impressive spectacle!

Marvel at the beauty of the Dordogne castles. Great figure of the department, these castles wonderfully combine magnificence and sumptuous architecture. Emblematic of the Middle Ages, enter into magnificent vestiges of the past.

The Dordogne is also a land of gastronomy and wine. Enjoy this land and this art of living as you discover the Dordogne.

With breathtaking landscapes, observe the forests or valleys and soak up the “Dordogne” atmosphere. Then you too travel back in time and discover the Dordogne! From prehistory through the Middle Ages, take a journey to the past and emerge changed from this excursion.

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