The Cathar Country

We propose you the discovery of the vestiges of Catharism, a religious movement derived from Catholicism born in the 10th century. Between the XIth century and the XIIIth century, Catharism spread in the South of France. They advocated a return to traditional values and purity. Faced with an increasingly richer Catholic church, these new believers prefered to opt for simpler but also stricter rules of life. They were then supported by many lords.

But the Cathars will be repressed by the church which is worried about the growing power of the latter. They were persecuted and massacred by Christians for several centuries. To escape these barbaric acts, they will then retreat into large, almost elusive fortresses perched on the top of rocky peaks. After years of siege, Catharism ended at the beginning of the 14th century. Through breathtaking landscapes, the era of Catharism has left its mark forever on the history of Occitania.

An exceptional and unique journey

More than a journey, crossing the Cathar country will change your vision and your relation to the current world. Whether you are a great connoisseur or just curious, come and discover a unique stay, an extraordinary history and heritage.

Forget the time of a few days your daily life and let yourself be carried away by the great richness of these landscapes. Indeed, the Cathar Country testifies to an exceptional and extraordinary history. Rhythmic between rebellions, wars and great conquests, plunge into the heart of an incredible opening towards the past.

Today, fascinating remains testify to this great Cathar era. Discover emotional places that testify to an essential period in the religious history of France. Go on an adventure and live an unforgettable experience through a unique stay. Let yourself be amazed by these historical treasures. These are trips that continue well beyond the stay, find a true philosophy of life that corresponds to your way of seeing the world!

Dubbing themselves “Les bons hommes” or “Les bons chrétiens”, plunge into the heart of this dualistic thought and integrate this community for the time of your initiatic journey. Embark on this expedition will lead you to an inner spiritual elevation.

The Cathar path

Take advantage of the famous Cathar path to discover the Cathar Country in its entirety. With a 200km long path, from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees, discover the precious richness and unique beauty of the site. In the middle of a green nature with rivers and mountains, make a good 8 centuries back. Already in the Middle Ages, the Cathar path represented a very important spiritual journey. The places are marked by a great history and invite visitors to take time, free themselves, find wisdom and purity. Participating in this initiatory stay allows you to discover an exceptional territory but above all will allow you to rediscover yourself !

So cross the typical villages and be an actor on your own journey. Basilicas, castles, valleys, preserved landscapes…where time stops and we can find inner peace and serenity. So cross the typical villages and be an actor on your own journey. Basilicas, castles, valleys, preserved landscapes…where time stops and we can find inner peace and serenity. For the desire to surpass yourself or for the pleasure of hiking, many reasons exist to realize this magnificent expedition. The Cathar path is a real invitation to travel. Go back in time and dive into the heart of the Middle Ages when medieval cities witness the great crusade against the Cathars.

The Cathars refused to refute their belief. Indeed, they preferred to die or to be burnt at the stake rather than to deny their doctrine and their conviction. Relive this event on this mysterious path and feel invested with a mystical and spiritual mission.

Exploring Cathar country is a unique way to stop time and enjoy the present moment !

© Photo credit : Ambroise1415

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