French Historical Paths

It requires love to understand, and intelligence to love.


Combine the discovery of unique places and characters with an incorporeal experience: this is the concept of a historical & spiritual journey.

French Historical Paths concentrates to develop personalized tours through the South of France to Spain to make you discover historical paths and culture of which they abound, to make you follow to the trace the passage of illustrious characters (writers, painters, kings.emperors) in our region, to make you meditate along ancestral spiritual paths while immersing you with culture and gastronomy at each step, to make you feel the energies released by sacred, mysterious places, whose stories are still enigmas nowadays…

Whatever your expectations during your trip are, we offer you multiple experiences to enlighten your conscience and enrich your knowledge.

Your driver, connoisseur of the different regions will bring you information and serenity during the whole stay.

With French Historical Paths, give a new meaning to your travels. Take part in a unique experience filled with moments of sharing, discovery, spirituality and wonder.



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