Historical Tours

Knowing the story to get in, is obvious.


With a rich heritage and an extraordinary history, combine the pleasure of travelling with the love of historical discoveries. French Historical Paths offers you the unique opportunity to live an enriching and romantic experience.

Travel through time and discover many hidden treasures. From prehistory through Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance and up to our contemporary era, dive into each historical era with passion and desire. Every century has its art, its architecture, its castles and its culture! From the ruins of the Middle Ages to the brilliant culture of the Renaissance, let yourself be carried away and create your own journey. Faced with this incredible abundance of historical riches, everyone is delighted.

Look at what you are passionate about and give yourself up to chimerical moments!

Each era has its own beauty, which allows you to relearn to appreciate the sumptuousness of our territories as well as the many vestiges of the past.  Draw on your past and personal history to move forward and discover many treasures. You have to know where you come from and where you are to find the extension of your path.

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